Thoughts on “Friends that are Liberals”

I am excited to be back! I’ve been really busy and I have decided to try this whole thing out again. (If you’re wondering about that girl and the cultural appropriation thing, we became amazing friends). I realized that me and my friends have totally different views, and yet we are so close. That girl, I’ll call her Caren (an atheist, feminist, liberal, pro-choice, “bi-sexual” being), and I (a Christian, conservative, pro-life, straight being) are becoming the best of friends. In my friend group I have only one openly conservative friend, I’ll call her Jaelynn. We have been best friends since the seventh grade. She is half Mexican and a big Trump supporter conservative girl. Today at lunch, it was just me, Caren, and Jaelynn. Jaelynn doesn’t hide her political and religious views at all. She doesn’t care who she’s talking to. I began talking about that whole fiasco in Britain with baby Alfie. Caren hadn’t even hear the news and it shocked her. We somehow got on the topic of abortion. Jaelynn simply stated her views:

“People need to own up to their mistakes. I think it’s murderous when idiots go around having unprotected sex and say ‘oops’ and decide to abort that innocent baby. And people abort innocent babies that might have health problems, like somehow it’s their fault.”

I couldn’t have said it better. I think it’s important to have conversations with others that have different views than us. We shouldn’t live in bubbles and only talk to people with the same views. We will never learn anything.

Thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation”

In my fourth period geometry class a few days ago, I began to have a conversation with the girl sitting next to me. I think we are actually becoming really good friends. This particular day she decided to share a story with me, “I really tried to explain cultural appropriation to my grandma, but she just wasn’t getting it”. Hmm. There are many ways I would’ve responded to this. But instead of being a “nasty bitter Republican” I simply responded, “I don’t really understand the ‘cultural appropriation’ thing”. She then asked me what I think of white people wearing dreads. So I decided to channel my inner progressive, “You know what? If they rock it, they rock it. It’s not my choice to make”. Surprisingly, that was the end of that conversation. I decided to look more into the issue of a human wearing a certain hairstyle that “offended” another person. I mean, I am offended by mullets, and you don’t see me stopping random mullet-wearing innocent people down the street, telling them to fix their damn hair because I don’t like it! This is disgusting! What ever happened to freedom of expression progressives?! Below there is a link to a video I recently watched. I choose not to elaborate on this issue anymore, for I am afraid of breaking the keyboard of my laptop.